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The young prodigy has won prizes in Young

And this is likely to happen in four billion years. “Many people asked me if it will be NASA or ISRO? Without any doubt, I can say it is ISRO,” he says. The final black hole will be massive in the entire universe and later will explode, leaving nothing behind,” Ashton exclaims. He smiles, “During breaks, I used to discuss with them about solar system, stars, etc. But I was very interested and told my mother.Ashton Paul is a young space enthusiast who wants to discover a planet and name it after himself. The two galaxies — Andromeda and Milky Way — will spiral and pass each other and collide. I think as he grows up, his ambitions become bigger and bigger. It was a great achievement for me,” says the first-grade student from Hindustan International School.”

The young prodigy has won prizes in Young Leader Award (YLA, School of Success) for 2016 and 2017 and many other contests as well.Ashton’s parents also make sure that their elder son doesn’t miss out on any events related to space. I could easily say that he started learning the alphabet by reading those books,” says Gerry, Ashton’s mother. The six-year-old’s constant interest in space led him to participate in many quiz competitions and other events held in Chennai. The Asian Age got in touch with the Chennai-based child prodigy and his parents for a quick chat." Ashton stresses that he will never leave India and work anywhere else.5-year-old son was more inclined towards space science than nursery rhymes and cartoons! They got the kid a tab, through which he could explore more about space. “My husband and I are extremely supportive of Ashton’s interests. And the recent one saw him being recognised at the Space Week celebrations organised by the ISRO at Sathyabama University.

 Ashton also adds that his friends are now interested in space.“We understood his passion towards space and started encouraging him. She went and requested the ISRO organisers and they happily agreed to include me in the competition.His mother continues, “When he was four-and-a-half, he used to say that he wants to become an astronaut/scientist and discover a planet and name it after himself.Though Ashton is scared of it, his favourite topic is black hole! “I always have a feeling that one day, a black hole will come near our solar system and suck everything in. But like Cube vacuum storage bag any other kid, he keeps changing his aim! Now he is saying that he wants to build a space station.. We ensure that we take the time out and make Ashton participate in all activities,” his mother adds. I like it when my friends ask me doubts. We bought him books and other journals about space science. It was an accidental discovery for Ashton’s parents to know that their 1.The six-year-old’s constant interest in space led him to participate in many quiz competitions and other events held in Chennai. “There was a written quiz competition for students from classes VIII to XII, but nothing in my age categoryc
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