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The enterprises today are very dynamic

We work on retail platforms like food or fashion, where we directly deal with the end consumer. Hailing from Rourkela, the steel city of Odisha, both had an eventful journey. Among their much admired labels are Anonym, Translate, Little Italy, SO — The Sky Kitchen and MOB. They share a passion for textiles, good food and global trends, and having travelled and evolved, are looking for experiential clothing and food,” say the duo. Hence, to get the right audience and sustain the business was always a challenge. “Every day is not your day, when tough times come, one has to just stay calm,” says Vinita. “We started with a small capital and found that implementing projects was always a challenge. Both work together on ideas — “We dream, we debate, we work hard together, we feel sure only when we both say yes,” says Vickas. Challenges exist even today,” they admit. The entrepreneur duo admits that they have grown since starting their entrepreneurial journey. After spending the early years of their career struggling in various fields at Rourkela, Raipur and Delhi, they reached Hyderabad to work along with their cousin.”Interestingly, both don’t come from formal schools of food or fashion, and hence the challenges have been manifold.

While she had an eventful and self-taught journey, Vickas worked in various companies, then with relatives and finally moved on to his own venture about 15 years ago, when they started their first enterprise. What started in a garage in Raipur 18 years ago continued in Delhi and has now spread to her workshop and stores in Hyderabad and across India.” Vickas adds, “Vinita was travelling every other week for a year after we started Translate. “Our customers are very varied and of all age groups.”However, their path hasn’t always been smooth either. We felt the vacuum and missed each other on special days, but always stood by one other. We often get swayed by others’ opinion; however, at work it is more about your instinct, your passion and how you fuel it, so keep working hard,” advises Vinita. We have to keep evolving and dreaming — something which is very viable today may be unviable tomorrow. We have to think afresh and keep adding new flavours to our enterprise, which is both challenging and fun. Hailing from Rourkela, the steel city of Odisha, both had an eventful journey. And back home, it was our daughter Ahi who always recharged us. We enjoyed creating and working on them, although it took us more time as we had to earn and then reinvest on our projects and dreams.. Vinita recalls, “We have both spent countless days and nights working. She continues, “We turned an idea into reality with patience, perseverance and a fighting spirit. “We feel more confident and there is also a deep sense of responsibility since it’s not just about us, but so many families making a livelihood along with us,” says Vickas. “

The enterprises today are very dynamic. There were days when Vickas used to come home only for a few hours.For the past 15 years, Vinita and Vickas Passary have been constantly innovating and developing successful enterprises in food.  Both share that every day has something new to offer and teach. However, the instinct to create and follow their China vacuum compressed bag Factory dreams made them start from scratch and they set off on their own about 15 years ago. Listen to your own self before taking advice from others. Follow your dreams. Entrepreneur duo Vinita and Vickas Passary have created several successful start-ups in food, fashion and retail across Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.”The two admit that the family has been indispensable in their success.Vinita’s experience in fashion and retail and her commitment to revive arts, fused with an unrelenting attention to quality and detail has helped her carve a successful space in the clothing industry while Vickas, a self-made restaurateur complements her with his business acumen and eye for perfection. Running a business is extremely hard, reveals Vinita, “Our work involves dealing only with humans, so being in harmony and keeping everyone motivated is always challenging. We always thought of projects which were ahead of time for the city — be it experimental cuisine or alternate clothing. All ideas don’t work and once we started executing them, we had to adjust and fine-tune them, but we never gave up. Hence, it is better to be open-minded and accept change.Vinita has been working on her passion for many years now

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